Introducing A New Way to Manage CVD Population Risks & Costs

A Cardiovascular Disease Risk Intelligence Platform

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Providing Solutions

to Help Businesses Manage Risks Effectively

HeartRiskā„¢, a leading platform that combines insights from HIPAA-compliant anonymized and aggregated clinical cardiovascular risk (CV) data with industry and geographic data, aims to help organizations understand the cardiovascular risks in a specific group compared to population and industry benchmarks.

HeartRiskā„¢ empowers organizations to combat cardiovascular disease in their populations in order to mitigate financial costs, improve employee well-being, ensure adequate insurance and benefits allocations, and minimize security risks related to transporting inmates in correctional facilities .

Actionable Insights

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Transform clinical CVD insights across employees into actionable CVD Risk Mitigation

Risk-Bearing Providers

Ensure shared-risk contract metrics are met with proactive and timely risk stratification & intervention guidance

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Brokers + Benefits Orgs

Enhance client recommendations with CVD risk intelligence portal across Clients

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Correctional Facilities

Minimize security and transportation costs by enabling onsite advanced cardiovascular testing